Why the Closest Preschool to Your Home Isn’t Necessarily the Best

26 August 2019
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When it's time to put your child in preschool, you might automatically think about enrolling them at the location closest to your home. There's no denying that it's convenient; it means minimal time driving your child to and from preschool each day, for example. However, you shouldn't be afraid to evaluate other local preschools around your city, and to enroll your child in one that seems ideal — even if it's not the closest one to your home. Read More 

The Skills That Your Child Will Learn In A Strong Preschool Program

21 January 2019
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When you need childcare for your child, finding a good preschool program can help your child tremendously. Beyond learning how to follow a routine throughout the school day, your child will develop skills academically, socially, and emotionally when they spend time in a preschool setting. Whether you are concerned about your child's preparedness for kindergarten or you need child care because of work, preschool can help your child thrive. Academic Skills Your Child Will Learn Read More