What Can Potential Nannies Learn In Nanny Training?

23 May 2023
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If you love children and want to be an ongoing part of a child's life, you may want to consider a career as a nanny. Nannies provide long-term child care for children of all ages. As a nanny, you may work for a family that has a single child or a household full of children. The right training courses can give you the foundation you need to excel in your new role. Here are four things that nanny candidates can learn in nanny training:

1. First Aid

As a nanny, the safety of your young charges must be your top priority. Therefore, many nannies choose to get certified in CPR. CPR allows individuals to provide life-saving aid when someone stops breathing. CPR courses for nannies will focus on the techniques needed to perform chest compressions and assisted breathing on small patients. First-aid courses for nannies can also teach other important first-aid skills, such as wound care, drowning prevention, and illness assessment.

2. Baby And Infant Care

Nannies may work with children of all ages. Young children require close supervision and some specialized care. Nanny training courses can familiarize nannies with the basics of baby and infant care. Nannies can learn how to feed, diaper, burp, and change babies. They will also learn how to safely hold babies and infants and how to soothe fussy babies.

3. Child Psychology

When nannies become part of a household, they will typically be following the parents' lead when it comes to child-rearing style. However, a foundation in child psychology can help nannies learn to better understand and communicate with children. A nanny training course can help you understand why kids throw temper tantrums and why certain children experience separation anxiety when they're away from their parents. Once you understand the reason behind these behaviors, you'll be able to confidently address them. Parents may feel more comfortable with nannies who have passed a nanny training course because they know that these nannies can provide effective and gentle care for their children.

4. Childhood Nutrition

Nannies may work part-time or full-time for families. No matter what your hours are, you may end up preparing snacks and meals for children. Training in childhood nutrition can equip nannies to choose healthy snacks and meals for the kids in their care. Nanny training can also teach nannies how to avoid cross-contamination when preparing foods in order to protect kids with allergies. 

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