Learning In The Daycare Center: Faqs About Early Childhood Education

5 September 2023
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What can you expect your preschooler to learn in a daycare center? Your three, four, or five-year old is ready to start child care. But you're not sure what they'll do during the pre-k day. Take a look at what parents need to know about preschools, early childhood education, and learning in the daycare setting. Do All Child Care Centers Have the Same Curriculum? No, every child care center doesn't have the same curriculum plan. Read More 

What Can Potential Nannies Learn In Nanny Training?

23 May 2023
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If you love children and want to be an ongoing part of a child's life, you may want to consider a career as a nanny. Nannies provide long-term child care for children of all ages. As a nanny, you may work for a family that has a single child or a household full of children. The right training courses can give you the foundation you need to excel in your new role. Read More 

Ask These Questions Before You Choose Childcare For Your Preschooler

19 January 2023
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Which childcare center is the right choice for your preschooler? If you're not sure which program to pick, take a look at some questions to ask before you select an early childhood education program for your preschooler. Are There Age Minimums/Maximums? Many childcare programs and centers consider preschool ages to be three to five years old. But this doesn't mean that every program will have one three to five-year-old room. Read More