Sending A Child To Daycare: What To Expect And How To Choose The Right Place

26 June 2017
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Do you need to put your child in daycare? It may be time for you to return back to work after spending some time at home with your little one. Selecting the right daycare center is often a tedious process. It is important to follow certain steps to ensure that you are picking out the right place for your child based on his or her personal needs. Peace of Mind: Understanding the Benefits Read More 

Switching Daycares? 4 Tips That Will Help A Toddler Adjust

29 March 2017
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Some kids have no problem switching to a brand new environment, like their daycare facility. Others can have problems adjusting, which will make things difficult for you as a parent. Here are some tips to consider when switching daycare facilities. Have A Proper Farewell If you need to make the switch due to moving to a new home, you should explain the situation to your child so that they know staying at the same daycare won't be possible. Read More 

Three Features To Look For When Choosing A Daycare Center For Your Toddler

10 March 2017
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Looking for a new daycare center to send your toddler to on a daily basis while you work or take care of a busy schedule? Here are a few important features to look for that should help ensure that you make the right decision: Regular Nap Times One of the most important features that the daycare center you choose for your child should offer is regular daily nap times. Not only will regular nap times provide your child with some much-needed structure, but it will help ensure that they get the rest they need so there's less chance that you will have to deal with tantrums and fits when you pick them up in the afternoon. Read More