Three Features To Look For When Choosing A Daycare Center For Your Toddler

10 March 2017
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Looking for a new daycare center to send your toddler to on a daily basis while you work or take care of a busy schedule? Here are a few important features to look for that should help ensure that you make the right decision:

Regular Nap Times

One of the most important features that the daycare center you choose for your child should offer is regular daily nap times. Not only will regular nap times provide your child with some much-needed structure, but it will help ensure that they get the rest they need so there's less chance that you will have to deal with tantrums and fits when you pick them up in the afternoon.

Make sure that the daycare center you decide to send your toddler to has strict nap hours at the same time each day that they'll be attending. Get a calendar from each prospective facility you're considering so you can compare their structural schedules to one another.

Efficient Security

Another important consideration to make when choosing a new daycare center is security. The facility should be completely secured from strangers so nobody can enter the yard or a building and take a child that isn't theirs. In addition to security gates at the entrance of the property, the facility should have security cameras set up both inside and out. All the doors should be kept locked from the outside so people can't simply walk in, yet they should open from the inside without having to unlock them in case of an emergency. Also, a security guard on duty during business hours is an added bonus to look for.

Family Events

Choosing a daycare center for your toddler that features family events throughout the year will give you an opportunity to get to know the other kids and family members that are associated with the facility. You can look forward to meeting other parents who want to set up play dates with your child outside of school hours, and you can expect to learn more about the staff that works at the daycare center so you know more about what happens during your child's day while in their care. Look for a daycare center that hosts barbecues, pot lucks, movie showings, and other fun activities a few times a year.

These are some of the more important features to look for during your search for a reliable daycare center, but don't stop here. Create your own list of preferred features to include with the ones outlined here so nothing of importance is accidentally overlooked. For more information, contact a local professional like Carousel Of Learning Pre-School & Nursery.