Switching Daycares? 4 Tips That Will Help A Toddler Adjust

29 March 2017
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Some kids have no problem switching to a brand new environment, like their daycare facility. Others can have problems adjusting, which will make things difficult for you as a parent. Here are some tips to consider when switching daycare facilities.

Have A Proper Farewell

If you need to make the switch due to moving to a new home, you should explain the situation to your child so that they know staying at the same daycare won't be possible. They should have plenty of time to say their goodbyes to friends and teachers at their old daycare. It even helps if you want to have a small goodbye party so that it feels like a happy occasion that they are moving to a new daycare.

Visit The Daycare Facility With Your Kid

You'll want to make a special trip to their new daycare facility before their first day. It can be a brief visit, allowing both you and your kid to meet their teachers and see what sort of new friends are attending. It will help them be familiar with the environment before being dropped off on the first day, and should help for a smooth transition.

Avoid Switching Cold Turkey

It will help to ease your child into the new daycare facility by doing a slow adjustment period. For the first day, consider leaving them there for only a couple hours to see how they do. Then you can pick them up and talk about the experience to see how they feel about it. Knowing that the first day will be short can also make it feel less intimidating to them.

Ask To Be A Parent Volunteer

Some daycare facilities have open door policies, meaning that parents can drop in and see what their kid is doing at any given time. Ask if you can volunteer at some point during the first few days, meaning that you stop in and help with a fun activity while your child is there. It will help you get an idea what their typical day is like, and let your child see a familiar face.

Bring A Small Comfort Toy

Some children do well by having one of their toys with them, like a stuffed animal, to make them feel comforted in a new environment. Ask the daycare facility if they can bring one in with them to help them make the adjustment to the new facility.