The Skills That Your Child Will Learn In A Strong Preschool Program

21 January 2019
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When you need childcare for your child, finding a good preschool program can help your child tremendously. Beyond learning how to follow a routine throughout the school day, your child will develop skills academically, socially, and emotionally when they spend time in a preschool setting. Whether you are concerned about your child's preparedness for kindergarten or you need child care because of work, preschool can help your child thrive.

Academic Skills Your Child Will Learn

Your child will be introduced to early phonics, numbers, the alphabet, telling time, and more when they attend preschool. An early introduction to reading can help your child get excited about the prospect of learning how to read. Children in preschool learn about the seasons, personal hygiene, and often spend time studying nature. While there are no academic expectations in preschool, your child will get an introduction to a wide range of knowledge that they can build use to build a foundation.

Social and Emotional Skills Developed During Preschool

When your child goes to preschool, they will learn all kinds of social and emotional skills that will help them better manage kindergarten and beyond. Learning how to share, cooperate, and how to resolve conflicts are all skills that help prepare a child for a successful time at school. Your child will also be taught how to be more independent, and learn self-reliance. This fosters a more positive self-esteem and allows your child to take care of some of their own needs without help.

Early Reading Skills

Beyond learning the alphabet and the sounds they make, your child will be taught early literacy skills. They may be able to identify words by sight and be able to communicate more readily using full sentences. Your child will practice writing letters and words, all with a focus on the early stages of reading. In the classroom, your child will have access to books that they can read or have read to them. The goal is to get your child interested in the process of reading and engage your child in the activities that they love.

Preschool is a great way to prepare your child for the structure and routine of a school day. Your child will learn early skills that will help them build a foundation for literacy, math skills, social skills, and more. Your child will learn how to cooperate with peers and be better able to manage conflict resolution.