Why the Closest Preschool to Your Home Isn't Necessarily the Best

26 August 2019
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When it's time to put your child in preschool, you might automatically think about enrolling them at the location closest to your home. There's no denying that it's convenient; it means minimal time driving your child to and from preschool each day, for example. However, you shouldn't be afraid to evaluate other local preschools around your city, and to enroll your child in one that seems ideal — even if it's not the closest one to your home. Here are some reasons that the closest preschool isn't necessarily the best choice.

A Shortage of New Faces

You might like the idea of enrolling your child in a nearby preschool because other children around your neighborhood will be at the same preschool. This familiarity is beneficial, of course, and can ease the transition into preschool for your child. However, the drawback is that your child might not make a point of making new friends. When you enroll the child is a preschool that is farther away, your child won't likely know anyone — and this may compel them to find new people to socialize with.

Potential for Delays in the Morning

When you take your child to a preschool that is perhaps just a few minutes away from your home, it's easy to find yourself running late. Subconsciously, you might be telling yourself that you don't need to rush your child through getting dressed and having breakfast because the drive is so short. However, this mindset can sometimes lead to you dropping the child off late — and perhaps being late to your job, too. When you have to drive a little farther to a preschool, you may be more likely to keep the child moving quickly in the morning because you know the drive is longer.

Too Easy to Interfere

If your son or daughter is at a preschool just a few minutes from your home, it can be easy for you to interfere to some degree. For example, you might think about dropping past the preschool unannounced to see how your child is doing. Or, if you get a call from the preschool leader that says your child skinned his or her knee, you might immediately rush over to evaluate things. This type of hovering isn't necessarily in your child's best interest. With a preschool located a little farther away, you'd be less apt to interfere in this manner.

These are a few reasons why you should broaden your scope. Contact various child care centers to learn more about your child's options.